About us

Welcome to Casa Piñata, where we specialize in crafting Mocktails, Tonics, and Sparkling Shrubs that transcend ordinary refreshments. Our passion lies in seamlessly blending traditional flavors with modern twists, resulting in non-alcoholic beverages that burst with tropical vibrancy, herbal complexity, and invigorating effervescence. Committed to authenticity, we don't use any artificial flavorings to ensure each sip is a true taste of craftsmanship. At Casa Piñata, our beverages are more than just drinks; they're symbols of togetherness, a testament to the fact that everyone deserves to feel a part of the celebration.

Our journey began in the vibrant streets of Mexico City, where I, the founder, savored the rich tapestry of flavors in every sip of Tepache—a cherished childhood favorite. Upon relocating to Canada, the longing for authentic tastes from home led me on a quest to recreate Tepache with a modern twist.

Drawing from my experience in the craft beer industry, I spent four years experimenting with various ingredients and techniques. Initially, the goal was to develop an alcoholic beverage, yet a pivotal moment arose when my wife's pregnancy highlighted the scarcity of satisfying non-alcoholic options. The creation of our first non-alcoholic Tepache, crafted especially for her, proved to be a revelation.

Thus, Casa Piñata was born, driven by a mission to craft tantalizing non-alcoholic beverages inspired by Mexico's timeless classics. While our creations stand tall on their own, they invite you to indulge your creativity by adding a splash of your preferred spirit.

Crafted with care, our beverages undergo a meticulous process utilizing different techniques to extract the fullest essence of our ingredients. We begin by infusing fresh, natural herbs and spices to extract their essence, ensuring every sip bursts with authentic flavor. We pride ourselves on using only real ingredients, avoiding any artificial flavorings. 

We blend these infusions with premium fruit juices and tangy elements like lime juice or vinegar that balances sweetness with a zesty twist.

Next, we introduce the perfect amount of sparkle with CO2, transforming our beverages into fizzy (but not too fizzy), revitalizing delights. Each bottle is then filled and labeled by hand, imbuing every creation with a touch of artisanal charm. While our labels may not always boast machine-perfect precision, rest assured, they are infused with the passion and artistry that define Casa Piñata.

Join us on a flavorful journey where tradition meets innovation, and every sip sparks joy. At Casa Piñata, we're not just crafting beverages—we're crafting experiences.